Fullstar Vegetable Chopper | Complete Review + New Methods | Kitchen Gadget 21

Ever wondered how well a vegetable chopper will perform in your kitchen? Will it save you time and make consistent shaped cuts? Watch as I thoroughly take the Deluxe model Fullstar Vegetable chopper through grueling test after grueling test. I spared no part of this chopper to give you the full scoop of its usefulness.
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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0:00 What I’m Testing
0:27 The basics of how it works
0:46 Fine Dicer Test
2:09 Cleaning the Pusher
2:38 Fine Dicer Test part 2
6:06 Cleaning the Dicers
6:53 Juicer
8:10 Medium Dicer Test
8:21 The Useless Peeler
8:40 Medium Dicer Test part 2
10:14 Will It Make Potato Fries?
12:24 Spiralizing Julienne Blade
13:39 Ribbon Blade
15:58 The Peeler part 2
16:56 The Peeler as a Julienne Blade
17:41 Juicer part 2
18:18 Egg Separator
19:25 Egg Slicer
20:43 Which One Should I Get?