PROF – Soupy feat. Cozz (Official Music Video)

PROF – Soupy feat. Cozz (Official Music Video)

Let me tell you what SOUPY means- Keepin it warm and welcoming to everyone you come across—— at the same as pimpin and confident AS POSSIBLE! When you hear SOUPY this Friday it’s my only goal. To make every listener feel as SOUPY as fuckin possible!!! Fuck the bullshit!!! Fuck all negativity!! 🍲SOUPY🍲FRIDAY🍲Pookie baby loves you. keep it soupy.

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Talent – Prof, Cozz, Charlene LeFever, Brittany Torain
Director / DP / Editor – Tomas Aksamit
Executive Producer – Mike Campbell
Producer – Jen Sonibare
Casting – Pamela Largaespada
VFX – Todd Draeger
Sound Design – Cape Status
Production Company – Intrface Films
PA – Willie Wonka & Chris Lenhart
Special Thanks – Willie Wonka, Chris Lenhart, Terraform LA


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