Vintage Culture, Bhaskar & Meca – Tina (ft. The Vic) [Music Video]

Vintage Culture, Bhaskar & Meca – Tina (ft. The Vic)

•Vintage Culture:

Ya so it’s Wednesday night
And uh, I’m off in …. to the club
I check my shit and I head inside
And I see that girl that we all call Tina Turner
Cuz she look like Tina Turner
And she said, “hey love, rocket ride?” And I said “ya rocket ride”
And so, she reach out her hand and I put my hand underneath her hand
And she dropped, the ticket to the rocket
And I flew that up into my mouth and ran it down into my stomach
And Tina Turner smiled at me, and she said “all aboard”
And that shit fucked me up, man
I woke up two days later at a friend’s house
I’m not sure what happened
I think my boy Sam was picking’ his eyeball
I don’t know about this….

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