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This is Public Health: Beauty and Body Art Safety

This video provides an overview of Durham Region Health Department’s Know Before You Go inspection disclosure program and the work of our local public health inspectors in the community. They ensure that your local personal service settings are following the proper ministry standards of cleaning, sterilization and basic infection control practices. Local public health inspectors…… Read More

16 Tips & Tricks For Your Health & Beauty!

A healthy person is a beautiful person! We are bringing you a number of smart tips and tricks for your beauty and health! Learn how to correctly remove your gloves, how to make disinfectant spray, how to mix up ginger honey syrup for all kinds of illness, and so much more! Stay tuned for more…… Read More

16 HEALTH & BEAUTY Hacks YOU Must Know! By Crafty Panda

It’s important to stay healthy and know how to maintain good hygiene! We are bringing you a number of smart health tips and healthy lifestyle ideas! Learn how to properly wash your hands, make your own sanitizer, make a mask out of a scarf, and so much more! Stay tuned, clever pandas, for more awesome…… Read More