CBWW's 5th Annual Family Health Beauty Expo– 2012

Check out fantastic highlights from CBWW’s 5th Annual Family Health and Beauty Expo sponsored by Piedmont Hospital and Novo Nordisk. This event was held on Nov. 3rd, 2012 at the Twelve Hotel Ballroom in Atlantic Station. THANKS to the hundreds of families for coming out and joining us for a day of fitness, nutrition, wellness,…… Read More

GRWM: Nighttime Menopause Edition

Goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight pores the size of mars! A nighttime routine is essential in not only menopause but all stages of life. Making your skin, hair, and overall hygiene a top priority will have you feeling and looking your best. A little self-care to end the night is just as crucial as coffee…… Read More

The Beauty of Collaboration In Healthcare: Juliane Zielonka at TEDxBarcelonaChange

Juliane Zielonka — Founder and managing director of www.uterus-myomatosus.net, Berlin Juliane founded a platform which empowers over 20 million women in German speaking countries with health knowledge, shortens their journey to find the right physician and opens easy access to comprehensive care centers. Juliane Zielonka studied Psychology, English and German language. She has a professional…… Read More

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs || Beautiful Mehndi Designs || Health and Beauty Care

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